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Foods to Avoid While Taking Herbal Medicine

Foods that do not help with digestion and interfere with the absorption of herbal medicine.

Pork belly, flour, radish, mung beans and coffee

will likely reduce the effectiveness of the herbal medicine and should always be avoided while taking our herbal medicine. Pork belly is a very oily ingredient, so it can combine with the herbal medicine in the stomach which can lead to poor absorption of the herbal medicine once it reaches the small intestine. It is also important to remember that overeating, when your stomach and intestines are weak, can interfere with the absorption of the herbal medicine and therefore should also be avoided. Foods rich in flour can also interfere with the absorption of the herbal medicine as it can cause indigestion for those with a weak stomach.

The recommended amount of radish that you can consume will vary on the type of herbs you are prescribed. Herbs such as Sheng Di Huang, Gan Di Huang, Shu Di Huang have components that are incompatible with radish. If you have been prescribed an herbal medicine containing these ingredients, you should be careful to avoid or minimize your consumption of radish as it reduces the efficacy of the herbal medicine. Mung beans have a function to neutralize any herbs.Therefore, once you have Mung beans while taking herbal medicines, the efficacy will be ineffective.

The physical affects of Green tea and coffee vary from person to person. In general, about one cup per day does not significantly affect the efficacy of herbal medicine. If you are sensitive to iron or caffeine intake you should try to avoid them all together. Coffee is also an irritant and does not help people with stomach and intestinal issues and can, in fact, induce gastric ulcers, slow down bowel movements, cause diarrhea, or disrupt your gastrointestinal organs and prevent the absorption of the herbal medicine.

Depending on your condition and physical needs, the foods you should avoid will vary.

A patient suffering from a common cold or flue should avoid eating cold foods such as ice cream. Cold food interferes with the flow of your bloodstream and brings the temperature of your stomach down and can make your cold and flue symptoms worse.

A patient suffering from asthma should avoid eating dark fishes such as mackerel when taking herbal medicine; mackerel contains allergenic histamines that can make can make your asthma symptoms worse.  

A patient suffering from atopic eczema should avoid processed foods while taking herbal medicine. They should also avoid eating foods high in protein such as eggs and milk as it can cause the itching to become worse. A person who normally feels very warm or is suffering from other skin issues or disease should avoid eating spicy and salty foods. 

Herbal medicines for treating herniated disc are incompatible alcohol. Alcohol can increase inflammation and cause more inflammation from the herniated disc. If you do drink wait half a day or until you feel comfortable enough to resume your herbal medicine

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The formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Formulas that Release the Exterior

Release Exterior Cold Ma Huang Tang Ext wind-cold, Excess type
Gui Zhi Tang Ext wind-cold, Xu type
Jiu Wei Qiang Hu Tang Ext wind-cold-damp & Int heat
Xiao Qing Long Tang Ext wind-cold & congested fluid
Release Exterior Wind-Heat Sang Ju Yin Wind heat, cough
Yin Qiao San Wind heat, cold
Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang Ext wind cold/heat & LU heat
Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang Onset of measles
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang Ext wind-cold → heat
Release Exterior Disorders with Interior Deficiency Bai Du San Ext wind-cold-dampness & Qi Xu

Formulas that Drain Downward

Purge Heat Accumulation Da Cheng Qi Tang Yang Ming heat excess
Warm the Yang and Guide Out Accumulation Da Huang Fu Zi Tang Int cold excess
Wen Pi Tang SP Yang Xu cold
Moisten the Intestines and Unblock the Bowels Ma Zi Ren Wan ST heat binding SP
Ji Chuan Jian KI Yang Xu
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The study cards of TCM Gynaecology

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