Acupuncture provides a valuable complimentary therapy for the reduction of the symptoms and stresses of the cancer patient. In addition to its well-known effectiveness at reducing many pain syndromes, reducing insomnia and anxiety and moderating digestive complaints, a great deal of research illustrates the importance of acupuncture in the holistic approach to cancer management:


  • Reduction of nausea and emesis with acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and acupressure both on its own, and alongside pharmaceutical anti-emetics
  • Improvement in white blood cell counts in patients receiving chemotherapy
  • Reduction of pain and improvement of mobility in the cancer patient
  • Reduction in radiation-induced xerostomia and related dysphagia
  • Chemotherapy-induced fatigue
  • Reduction of vasomotor symptoms in men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer


Judging from the amount of current research, the list of recognized benefits that acupuncture can provide will continue to increase.